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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Essential To Perfection

Essential to perfection 
My Loopy Academy Twisted Stitches project is moving along!  I've passed the heel turn, and now that I only have to knit the pattern on half of the stitches, it's really going to move quickly.

There was a question the last time I showed you this sock about why I don't use cashmere blends for sock yarn, and it's because (while admittedly, I've never tried it) I'm pretty sure my feet won't be able to tell the difference.  Also, cashmere is delicate and I just don't see it wearing well between foot and shoe.  These will be sleep socks, so they'll mostly be laying about with Max curled around one or the other all night.  Maybe he'll enjoy the cashmere, I don't know.  Once I get these finished and try them on, I might completely change my tune, but that's why I don't use cashmere blends for socks.

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