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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Finished Mosaic and Finished (Singles) Spinning

Walk in the woods

I finished my Walk in the Woods shawl and gave it a little steam blocking.  I'm thrilled with this shawl and the mosaic section was really fun to knit.  I used up almost all of my skein of pink but I have more than half a skein of the pale gray with speckles left.  I love it, so I've already been planning how to use it!

Arco Iris singles

I also finished spinning my Arco Iris singles.  I have to sit down and chain ply them but I'll either have to do it on a day where I can do it in one sitting or I'll have to set up the wheel in the sewing room so I can close the door and do it in several bites of time.  I'm leaning more towards the sewing room option right now.

I've started another mosaic project, but I'd like to get a little farther before I show it to you.  See you Thursday!

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