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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Something Neither Pink Nor A Sweater!

Pleasant Trip 
Just for a change of pace, here's how my Pleasant Trip cowl is looking.  The stitch pattern is easy to work and easy to memorize, which means I've found new ways to mess it up, but at this stage in the knitting, I've also figured out how to fix my mistakes.  I've knit about a quarter of the width of the cowl right so far.

I'm also spending this week getting everything sorted out for school.  We are starting next Thursday, September 1.  Caleb doesn't even want to talk about it.  The end of summer is just too painful for him.  Logan is helping me get things figured out and planned, but he's always helpful with everything.  Max is ignoring things like Caleb is, but Max will continue his summer even after Caleb is back to school.  Max does not attend school except to sit on the books occasionally.  While we're using them.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A New Pink Sweater!

This year's weird pink obsession continues with my fifth pink sweater of the year, Toujours!  This is essentially an oversized, scoop neck henley.  It's worked from the bottom up (which is traditionally a problem for me, as I lose momentum when the back and front divide for the sleeves) and begins with short rows to shape the curved hem.  You can kind of see the shape of the hem in my photo, but the knitting really wanted to curl up around itself and take a nap like a cat, not stretch out and be photographed.  We compromised.

I'm knitting it in Malabrigo Arroyo in English Rose.  I am alternating skeins.  I am still in love with the many varieties of pink that make up this colorway.  It fascinates me.  Also, I'm still amused by knitting pink sweaters on pink needles.  I never claimed to be a very complex person.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Beeline: Finished!

Finished Beeline 
I've just finished my fourth pink sweater of this year!  Beeline was a fast knit in worsted weight yarn.  It's a simple sweatshirt shape with a scooped neckline, but it will look great with jeans, which is what I live in when it gets cool enough to wear sweaters.  The pattern was simple and straight forward, and once I got past the neckline shaping area, it was brainless knitting.

I knit it in Madelinetosh DK Twist which is currently only available at the online store.  I purchased it at MadTosh crafts in Fort Worth before it closed.  The colorway is Carnation, which is unfortunately discontinued and I have now knit the last of the Carnation in my stash.  Fortunately, this is not the last pink yarn in my stash, so I've cast on for another pink sweater!

At the end of this year, when I've knit all the pink yarn in my stash, I'm either going to be sick of pink (not likely) or have to get more pink yarn for the stash.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Fifth Weaving Project Finished

Fifth weaving project 
I finished my Fifth Weaving Project!  By finished, I mean the weaving is finished and it's off the loom.  I still have to wash it, press it, and trim the fringe, but I'm calling it finished.
Fifth weaving project
I wove another section of fabric after finishing the scarf length.  The directions I use for figuring the warp length include a percentage for shrinkage, but I'm not sure it's necessary for superwash yarns.  I can see that a feltable wool or a shrinkable cotton might need it, but I'm not seeing this kind of take up on the superwash wool.  I could start making my warps a bit shorter, but if I leave them the way they are, I get to weave this extra little piece of fabric.  I'm thinking of using them for little zipper pouches, because everyone can use a zipper pouch.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Got It!

Pleasant Trip 
Before I put that project away in time out yesterday, I decided to give it one more chance.  I changed cables on my needles (I switched to some with no memory), sorted my stitch markers by color (this probably had no effect whatsoever, but it looked pretty), and switched to a long tail cast on using two skeins (so I wouldn't have to guesstimate the length of tail needed for 300+ stitches).  I tucked Max in for a nap and found a quiet place in the house.
Pleasant Trip
It worked!  I got the cast on finished and started knitting without twisting the stitches!  Honestly, the not twisting the stitches is the hardest part of this project. 

Oh, I haven't told you what this is?  It's the Pleasant Trip Cowl and I can see how this would be great vacation knitting (once you cast on and join without twisting your stitches).  The stitch pattern is quickly memorized and easy to work.  The yarn I'm using is Madelinetosh Pashmina in Scarlet.  I had used this yarn for another project a couple of years ago, but I wasn't wearing it.  I'm trying to just have things in my closet that I wear, so I frogged the previous project and now it will be a cowl.  (Of course, being reclaimed yarn, it has kinks left from the previous project, so the stitches won't lie perfectly until I finish knitting it and block them.)


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Sleeve Is Born!

I've begun my first sleeve on my Beeline pullover.  There are no "beelines" on the sleeves, so it's just stockinette, around and around and around.  I tried it on yesterday to double check the length and I'm almost to the ribbing.  I always feel like the second sleeve goes faster than the first because I know exactly which rounds have the decreases, I know exactly how many rounds to work before the ribbing, and I know which round is my bind off.  Yes, I work with a counter and keep obsessive notes, why do you ask?

I did start a new project the other day (since finishing the last pair of footies and the Ruby-Whatever-It-Was, I have two gaps in my knitting lineup if I want to start new things), got about five rounds into it and realized I'd twisted the cast on.  I started over and dropped stitches on the first round.  It's been frogged again now and will be sitting in time out until I'm ready to deal with it.  The cast on is over 300 stitches long, which is the main problem.  If I can get past the cast on, it should be smooth sailing.  I will not name the project right now because I will be knitting it, I'm just going to give it some time to think about what it's done.

In the meantime, I might just cast on something else today!


Monday, August 15, 2016

Magical Unicorn Footie Socks!

Magical Unicorn footies 
These practically fell off my needles this weekend!  These are from the exact same footie pattern I used for the all Pop Rocks footie socks I showed you Friday.  I used a bit of Pop Rocks (16 grams) for the toes and heels. (That's 16 g total: each sock used 8 g for the two sections.)  I used Cosmic Wonder Dust for the rest of the socks.  I started with 34 g of that, which I divided into two balls so I wouldn't use more than half on the first sock.  I had a little bit of leftovers on the CWD, but I used every bit of the Pop Rocks.  I've added these weights to my Ravelry page for future reference because I'm sure I'll make more of these two color footie socks.  Just FYI, a regular, single color pair of these footie socks uses about 44 g of fingering weight yarn.  I usually make sure I have at least 48 g before I start. 

I had so much fun watching the speckles of CWD appear as I knit.  It makes me want to buy another skein and pair it with other colors just to make more footies!  I was just bouncing around from happiness watching these socks take shape.  Caleb tells me that they are neither magical, nor unicorn socks, but I think he might be jealous that I haven't knit him a pair or he just got tired of having to look at them.  Silly teenager!