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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

More Mosaic and More Spinning!

Walk in the woods

I've been knitting away on my mosaic wrap.  I feel like the stitch pattern is more visible the more I knit.  If I had used two solid colored yarns with high contrast, it might have been more obvious from the beginning, but the pale gray has speckles (which I love) and there is a fuchsia speckle in there.  I'm really happy with the way this is looking and it's really fun to knit.  I weighed the pink before I started this section and I weighed it again after I finished the first repeat.  Each repeat takes a little bit more yarn than the last, but this should give me something to judge how far I can go.  Hopefully.


I've also been spinning away on my Arco Iris singles.  I'm almost halfway through the fiber now.  There was a bit of an incident last Friday - Newton played with the bobbin of singles.  I don't know if he used it as a scratching post or just messed around with it (he considers the world his scratching post), but when I looked at it Friday afternoon my bobbin of neatly wound singles had chunks of loopy places and wasn't neat anymore.  I didn't see any breakage of the singles and when I started spinning again I laid a narrow strip of card stock along the bobbin lengthwise, to keep the new (properly tensioned) singles from sinking into the sections where things weren't as they should be.  Hopefully this will make things easier when I ply.  The spinning wheel is now being put away where a certain kitty can't get to it.

I've had to do more "child-proofing" with this cat than I ever did with Caleb when he was a baby!

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