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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sock It To Me!

Old Sweatshirt Socks

I've finished my Old Sweatshirt socks!  These are a pretty simple sock (lots of ribbing) but I don't recommend them as a first pair of socks because the directions aren't always clear.  If you've knit a few pairs of socks and understand how they work, you'll be fine, but if heel turns still seem like witchcraft to you, keep knitting before you take these on.  I knit them with Madelinetosh Twist Light in Dopamine.  I knit the 66 stitch size for the leg but decreased back to 64 stitches before the heel because that's the size that fits my foot.  This is another pattern with multiple sizes which you could either use for different size feet, or different weights of yarn.

Parade Socks

Of course I started another pair of socks the same day I finished my Old Sweatshirt socks.  These were supposed to be a pair of Vanilla is the New Black socks (I love that heel and I'm curious how it fits my feet), but when I finished knitting the leg (stockinette), I kind of stayed in autopilot and started my usual heel flap.  I didn't notice what I had done until I had finished the heel turn and while I thought about frogging back, I decided not to since I wasn't actually at home when I realized what had happened, and anyone who's tried to fish double pointed needles out from under the seat in a car will tell you not to get creative when you're knitting in the car.  So, to make a long story even longer, I decided that these will just be plain vanilla socks and I'll knit another pair to try out the Vanilla is the New Black pattern.  These are knit with Malabrigo Sock in Parade.  The color kind of reminds me of TV snow or static if it was blue.



Blogger kayT said...

Yes! The color is definitely blue TV snow. Brilliant, and lovely,

8:54 AM  

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