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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Spinning (And A Sock)

Combination Spin-Teals bobbin 1

I finished spinning my first bobbin of my combination spin.  I am going to spin the second bobbin exactly the same (I've already started it), but I will do a different prep for bobbins 3 and 4 and something else for bobbins 5 and 6.  That way, when I ply the odd numbered bobbins together and the even numbered bobbins together, I should have a consistent yarn across all my finished skeins.  I decided as I was spinning this first bobbin that I should have stripped my top to a narrower size because the chunks of color I'm getting are pretty long.  I'm really enjoying this spinning project, but I'm kind of learning as I go.

Old Sweatshirt Socks

Also, I finished my first Old Sweatshirt Sock.  I weighed it when it was all done and it weighs exactly 50 grams.  I have 67 grams of yarn left so I'll be fine, but this pattern seriously eats some yarn! (For reference, the Homely Socks used about 320-330 yards of yarn.)

I hope you have a great weekend! 

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