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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Sea Aggie Mom Socks

Sea Aggie Mom socks

I have been moving right along on my socks!  The first sock is finished and I'm more than halfway through the leg of the second one.  I had the sense to take really good notes on the first one so I don't have to remember exactly what I did for the second one.  (Present Me is seriously proud of Past Me for doing that.)  I'm not quite following the pattern for the heel/gusset area because I kind of have a way that works well for me that I've memorized.  It makes knitting a sock much faster but it means I should make some notes sometimes.  The first sock is not blocked, which is why it looks so narrow.  The stitch pattern is a combination of cables and ribbing so there is a lot of stretch, despite what it looks like right now.

I've been watching Downton Abbey while I knit these.  I've never watched it because when it first came out there was way too much hype about it from pretty much everyone, and that is just about the surest way to get me to ignore something.  I am enjoying it (which I was pretty sure I would) and since I'm watching on Netflix, I'm almost through the second season.  I did find myself thinking about making doilies over the weekend and it took me a little while to figure out where that idea came from.  I'm not sure if my doily urges will go away or if I will cave, but I'm trying to get these socks finished first.  If I'm still in a doily place after the socks, we'll see what happens.  Honestly, I don't know if I'm just telling you this or if it's a warning.  There may be doilies!



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