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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Stole Dunes

I'm currently working on just about the perfect combination of projects: a pair of socks, a wrap, a sweater*, and a spinning project.  All of the knitting is on different sizes of needles (which is good for the hands) and I'm far enough into each of the projects that I understand how things are working and can pretty much pick them up and put them down as I have time.  

Stole Dunes

I've worked two more sections of my Stole Dunes this week.  (Here's a link to my original post for this project with all the yarn information and a pattern link.)  I did have to re-read some of the instructions on this one to figure out what I was doing, and I changed the project setup a bit in Knit Companion, but now I've got it fixed so it's easy to use.  I can work one full section in an evening, so that gives me a logical place to stop when I get there.  I'm hoping that now that I've got myself sorted, things will move faster because I love watching this project grow.

Have a great weekend!  

*I haven't blogged the sweater yet, it's in that weird looking place all sweaters go through when they're bottom up and just getting started.  You'll see it soon.



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