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Thursday, July 08, 2021

A Public Service Announcement Regarding Doilies

If you decide to crochet a doily, I have found two things to be true.

1.  Do not skip rounds.  The following round will not make sense.

2.  Do not make up rounds randomly.  The following rounds will not fit and also, things will look weird.  


Either of these will lead you to think that maybe the doily thing isn't for you.  Maybe you have overstepped your crochet knowledge (which is basically just the double crochet stitch and a couple others after all).  Perhaps sticking with granny square blankets (which have to be put away carefully after using to protect them from a certain kitty) or maybe a nice amigurumi critter (which is also threatened by the same certain kitty) is what you should stick to for your crochet.

Fortunately, before I completely threw in the towel I realized that I had skipped a round and made up my own round.  After undoing a bit, I was able to get going again.  Hopefully I will be able to finish the doily.  Then I can put it away carefully to protect it from the aforementioned kitty.


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