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Thursday, July 22, 2021


Serviceberry mitts

In addition to the cardigan, I'm also making a pair (or maybe two) of fingerless mitts for the ESK third quarter Craft-A-Long.  These are the Serviceberry mitts and they don't have thumbs yet.  I'm knitting them in Hazel Knits Blueprint in Carbon Fiber and I'm knitting them for Caleb.  I'm also going to be knitting him a hat and some socks to match because I don't want him to get cold.  In Galveston.

I really can't explain it, but it's very important to me as his mom that he stays warm while he's away.  I had the same feelings last summer, feelings that I must knit all the things for him, and after February's freakish cold snap, I still feel like keeping him warm and bundled up is a priority.  Murphy's Law being what it is, if I knit him enough warm things, he won't need them, which is also a way of keeping him warm I suppose.  (Also, February was a 100 year storm, and this next winter will have only been a year, so theoretically he should be fine.)  

Last summer Mickael's Knit-All-The-Things equivelent was to put first aid kits together.  Caleb has everything from tiny first aid kits in Altoids tins that he can put in a pocket all the way to a backpack full of first aid and emergency stuff.  This summer Mickael is sorting and repacking all of them.  Caleb has been a good sport about all of this silly parental fussing around.  He just says "thank you" and packs up our craziness to take to school.  He probably just shoves it under his bed and ignores it once he's there, but it makes us feel better.



Anonymous Joyce said...

He definitely is a good son, if he just says "thank you" and packs it without rolling his eyes and sighing loudly, etc. LOL

1:20 PM  

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