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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

A Finished Pair of Socks

Jelly rolls socks

The summer is over (not quite with the temperature yet), Caleb is back to school and started classes yesterday, and I've finished another pair of socks.  These were the perfect, simple project that I could pick up and put down in between trying to corral all of Caleb's stuff - where did you put your microwave?  I didn't have the uninterrupted time or the mental space to work on anything more complicated, so these were exactly what I needed on the needles. 

Jelly rolls socks

The main color is Spun Right Round Classic Sock in Flamingo and the accent color is Teal Torch Knits Sock in Where My Peeps At?  I love the way these worked out and I plan to make another pair with the colors reversed.  I'll probably sleep in them or wear them around the house like slippers when it does get cooler around here.  They've been inspected by He Who Cannot Be Trusted Around Wool (and they're now safely in the drawer.

And just in case you were curious, the microwave was in the guest room.  Naturally.



Blogger Connie said...

Socks are so cute!!!!

7:38 AM  

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