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Thursday, August 05, 2021

A Hat for Caleb

Caleb hat

After finishing the mitts for Caleb a couple of weeks ago, I made him a matching hat!  This is the same yarn as the mitts (Hazel Knits Blueprint in Carbon Fiber) and when I picked the pattern, I purposely went looking for a 2x2 ribbed hat pattern in fingering weight so I could make him a perfectly coordinated set.  The pattern I used was Ribbed For His Pleasure, but it's not available on Ravelry anymore.  I had it in my library so I was still able to use it.

It was a very straightforward project, just lots of ribbing.  I did fall into a knitting black hole though as I was working on it because I knit and knit and knit and only added about 1/4 inch to the length.  Then I knit and knit for two more evenings and it was still the same measurement!  Finally, after the next evening of knitting I was able to get out of the black hole and all of a sudden had worked several inches.  I have no idea how or why that happens with some projects and I know it's not just psychological because I was measuring with a ruler, not just eyeballing it.  

I'm going to make him a matching pair of socks from this same yarn also, but that's it for this set.  I haven't decided if I'll make them the usual shorty socks that he likes so much or if I'll make longer socks, you know, to keep him extra warm!

Tent update:  we still love the tent!  Mr. Noodle is trying to climb the tent now because he can see the spinning wheel inside it and he's decided that the spinning wheel is his One True Love and he must get to it!  Fortunately, he can't get any kind of traction on the exterior of the tent with his claws.

Ripstop Nylon - 1, Cat - 0



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