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Monday, August 16, 2021

Catching Up!

I've got a few things finished up around here that just haven't quite made it to the blog, so I thought I'd just devote a post to all of those and we can get caught up around here!

Aquas combination spin

In spinning news, I have finished spinning the fifth bobbin of singles for my combo spin which means I just have one more to go before all the singles are finished!  I'm actually almost halfway through that last bobbin now and yes, the spinning wheel still lives in the tent.  Yes, the tent is still a source of kitten amusement around here.  Lately, he's been trying to jump on the very top of the tent, and while he's come close, the tent is too slippery and there's no place to catch yourself with your claws on it to grip.  Or at least that's how it looks to me.  He tells me he intends to slide down the side of the tent repeatedly.  I'll let you decide.

Gaptastic cowl

I also made a cowl.  This is the GAP-tastic cowl knit in Malabrigo Mecha in Arapey (which is actually the name of an aquatic plant).  The colors just reminded me of iridescent shell, and I cannot overstate the amount of squishyness of this knit!  Seriously!

Gaptastic cowl

Here's a close up just because it's so pretty.  This project was for an ESK Flash Craft-A-Long.

Caleb socks

Finally, I made a pair of socks for Caleb to match his mitts and hat.  I'm a bit over 2x2 ribbing in dark charcoal fingering weight yarns at this point, but I'm really happy with the way all of these came out and I hope he feels warm and loved wearing them.  (Assuming he gets cold enough in Galveston.  Again.)  The yarn is Hazel Knits Blueprint in Carbon Fiber.  The pattern is the one Caleb and I figured out for his feet and preferences.

I think that's everything that's laying around here unblogged!  Now you know it all!  I hope to check in later this week with a project I'm actually knitting on right now.

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