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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Teacup Rex

Timothy the Teacup Rex

This fall Caleb is taking a class called Micro Paleontology.  When he told me about it, my brain started working through the definition of the class title and I said, "Tiny Dinosaurs?"  Yes, he's going to be learning about Tiny Dinosaurs!  Naturally, I decided he needed a little moral support for the class so I made him a little Teacup Rex!*

Timothy the Teacup Rex

This is the Timothy the T-Rex pattern, which I've always thought was adorable, but had never made.  I used Malabrigo Rios in Lettuce for the main color and Squoosh Fiberarts Ultra Worsted in Event Horizon for the stripes.

Timothy the Teacup Rex

The pattern calls for 10mm eyes, but all I had was 9mm or 12 mm.  When it comes to eyes, bigger is usually better (unless you're going for a beady eyed look), so I used the 12mm eyes.

Timothy the Teacup Rex

This was a great pattern and had some of the best sewing up directions I've seen.  She tells you exactly where to put the arms, legs, and tail as you're adding them to the body.  This means he stands up nicely!  There's no wobble to this guy.  He's extremely stable, which doesn't always happen in crocheted critters.  I think he's adorable and can't wait to give him to Caleb when we move him back into school for fall.

*The actual class is taught through the Marine Sciences department so I seriously doubt they will be learning about the elusive Teacup Rex, since they were a land dinosaur.

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