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Thursday, September 09, 2021


Punchwork cardigan

There's nothing super exciting around here, nothing new and glamorous, but I have been making progress on my current projects, so that's something.  I've finished the first sleeve of my Punchwork Cardigan and I'm about halfway through the second sleeve.  I hope to get the knitting finished on this over the weekend.  (Not counting on getting the ends woven in, the whole thing blocked and the buttons sewn on by Monday, but that will happen soon.)

Teals combination spin

I also got the first bobbin plied from my combination spin and I love it!  I've got about five more to go though so I better get on it!

Have a great weekend!  Can you feel Autumn yet where you live?  We've just got a hint of it around here.  It's still hot, but it's less hot, and the temps have been dropping more at night than they were.

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Blogger Lauren O said...

Your handspun is so lovely! Did you spin the pieces from each top in a certain pattern, or did you choose the order randomly?

8:58 AM  

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