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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Faded Socks

Slouchy fade socks

I finished my Slouchy Fade Socks.  These were the perfect, brainless socks where the yarn did all the work.  In fact, I'm debating whether or not to knit another pair or two through the end of the year, or to try something more involved (I've been looking at stranded sock patterns).  I'm basically at the time of year where everything gets crazy until next year, so letting the yarn do all the work is probably a good idea.

The yarn is Shirley Brian Yarns Deconstructed Fade Sock in Here's to Us, Long May They Sneer.  I ended up having more yarn left than I'd hoped for so whenever I knit these (in this particular yarn) again, I'll be adding more rounds to the leg.

I'm still trying to break free of the gravity of the knitting black hole on my pullover, but I'm going to try it on today and see how it's doing anyway.  Maybe hanging on a body, vertically will help it? 

I'm not going to blog next week because Caleb is coming home for Thanksgiving and we're hosting Thanksgiving.  Also, Obi is turning eight months old.  He's gotten leggy again, which means he'll have to grow into those silly stilts, which means he's still getting bigger.  We haven't tried weighing him since he was about five and a half months old and he weighed 64 pounds.  He hasn't had to go to the vet and trying to weigh him at home is kind of a circus now.  His breeder told us to expect somewhere between 80-100 pounds, and he seems to be right on track!

For reference: Bear, our first Golden, a red American style Golden, who was pre-blog, was 80 pounds;  Finn who was 75% Golden/25% Labrador was 60 pounds;  Logan who was an English style Golden was 90 pounds.  Little Obi Dog may end up bigger than them all!

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