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Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Slouchy Fade Socks Strike Back

Slouchy fade socks #2

I started another pair of Slouchy Fade Socks.  These are also knit in Shirley Brian Yarns Deconstructed Fade Socks, but the colorway is Don't Procrastinate, Delegate to Your Future Self.  (The colorway names on these crack me up.)  I'm knitting them exactly like I did the first slouchy socks, but I've added 10 rounds to the leg in an attempt to use up a little more yarn.  Also, I plan to start the second sock with the dark purple end, so they won't be identical, but fraternal socks.

I was initially thinking about knitting a pair of colorwork socks, but decided to stick with simple for now.  It doesn't get much more simple than a pair of stockinette socks where the yarn does all the heavy lifting.

Have a great weekend!



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