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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Remember the Romney lamb and Alpaca handspun that I Wilton dyed each ply separately? Here is one sock from it. I'll start its mate later today (you know, two feet, two socks, etc.). The toe looks kinda poofy because I got bored of stockinette stitch and started ribbing on the top of the foot. I'm really happy with the way the colors worked together in this yarn and the socks are so soft! Someone will have to come up with tactile computer monitors. Knitter's alone would probably keep the demand for them going strong. Who knows what other groups would be interested in touching the pictures on a computer screen. Um, actually, maybe that's not such a good idea. OK, everyone just use your imagination about how soft these socks are. In other news, I've also started Navajo plying the Easter Egg sock singles so I'll have that to show later this week. Also, I've been having some problems getting pictures to show up sometimes, I don't know why, but sometimes I get a little square with a red X in it. That's not what I'm trying to share with you, so bear with me while I try to figure this out.


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