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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Books About Knitting

Yesterday I went to the bookstore and picked up some books about knitting! As we all know, reading about knitting is almost as fun as really knitting. I got the third KnitLit, a collection of essays about knitting. If you've never read one of these, you should, they're wonderful. I found the Harlot's new book (bookbookbooktwo), and I picked up Knitticisms. I've only gone through the Knitticisms so far and besides being a really cute book, the pictures in it are worth buying the book. They are all old knitting ads and pictures from pattern books and old photos of knitters. Some of the styles are the really cute 40's and 50's sweater girl styles. Then there are the 60's styles, which really makes you wonder what was going on in the 60's that people would want to wear things like that, let alone spend their time knitting those things. Drugs are bad!


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