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Monday, March 20, 2006

Its...Not A Sock!

WAIT! You're at Pink Lemon Twist, don't worry! I'm actually knitting on Not A Sock! I understand these are called "Hats" and people wear them on their heads. Crazy, huh? This is the Celtic Cap and I got started on it over the weekend. The pattern is written for a rolled edge or a hemmed edge for the bottom of the hat, but I really wasn't wanting either of them, so I did a 2x2 rib. See how I continued the rib right into the pattern between the cable panels? If you look closely, you can see the bottoms of the knotwork pattern just beginning. Yes, I am knitting this on Double Points. See, the smallest circular needle I had in the correct size was 26 inches and my head is 22 inches around so that would have been to big. I could have picked one up, but I really dislike knitting with circular needles anyway, so I grabbed some DPN's. I decided to knit it on 7 needles with one working needle (there are 7 repeats of the knotwork pattern) but since I didn't have two sets of the same size of needles, I'm using two different sizes of needles. Don't panic - there is only .25mm difference in sizes and I've alternated the sizes all the way around the hat and I have it on good authority that it will work because your hands can feel the difference and will compensate and it will all be OK. Who said that? Elizabeth Zimmerman. Who am I to question her wisdom? So far its working...


Blogger Irish Clover said...

Hey Melanie,
I just knit 4 inches of a sock with one needle a US size larger than the other 3 and all my stitches are uniform. (I had a brain freeze moment) I think EZ was right, and she was THE knitting guru anyway. The size difference really shouldn't make a difference.

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

I have always enjoyed your blog, and your sewing up of the toe of a sock really helped me out. But I was looking through your blog and notice that you lead a stole along. Well is it still going on? And if so can I join? If not will there be another one soon?

11:16 PM  

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