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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sock On, Dude!

Yep! I'm still knitting socks around here. Still singing the Llama Song too! I've finished my first Sockapaloooza pal's sock and started on the second one. I will have to knit a pair of these for myself too. I'm really liking their lacy goodness. Even unblocked I think the sock looks pretty. I hope my sock pal likes them. Its really hard to pick out a sock pattern and yarn for someone you've never met. I mean, she's got a blog, and that helped a little bit - she knits, she has a cat, she likes Harry Potter. Really narrows it down doesn't it? I pretty much described at least 75% of all knit bloggers - possibly more. One thing that was a big help is that we have the same foot length measurement so it was really easy to figure out where to start the toe decreases. There are about 4 more weeks of Sockapaloooza - the socks are supposed to be mailed on May 1 - and I can't wait to see if she likes them! I'm also really curious who's knitting socks for me and what they look like. OOOooohh, the suspense!


Blogger Aurora said...

Hi Melanie! You are indeed still holding the title of Sock Queen. And believe me it's SO COOL to get socks someone else knit for you!

I'm glad to be playing the bag game with you! Thanks for encouraging me to join!

10:46 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Awesome sock, Melanie. I just don't see anything there that would lead your Sockapaloooza to not like it. Pretty color, lovely lace design. Wonderful!

2:49 PM  

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