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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not much to show

No pictures today. I've gotten a lot done on the Mystery Stole but I can't show everyone that project for a few more weeks. I got a little bit more spun on my silk caps, but the difference isn't noticeable on the spindle. And also in the I-Worked-On-It-But-No-One-Can-Tell department, I got out Soleil last night and got a bit more done on it. So, no pictures. Its been too hot and humid to spend any time outside this week, but I think its supposed to cool off later this week. I find myself looking more and more at Fall sweaters and coming up with ideas for designs - I can't wait to finish up the Mystery Stole so I can work on some of these ideas! I'm going to skip blogging tomorrow and see if I can't get the first half finished on the Mystery Stole and get started on the second half. See you Friday!


Anonymous Karen said...

I have been on the road so I do not have much to show either. I love the socks and cant wait to see the stole!

5:05 AM  

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