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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Fronts

Or more of the same fronts, I guess. I'm about 1 1/2 inches from when I'll start the shaping for the neckline. This cardigan has a V neck, so shaping will be really simple. Once I finish the fronts, I will block them and the back, then sew them together (at the shoulders at least) and do the neckband ribbing so that can be blocking while I do the sleeves. I'm playing with the idea of adding a single buttonhole and button to this sweater, but I can't make up my mind. I did add some neck shaping to the back of the sweater that I didn't tell you about. The pattern had you do shoulder decreases (which will help the shoulders fit a person's natural shoulder slope), but the neck was just straight across. Clothing without at least a bit of a dip at the back neck (even 1/2 inch will make a difference), tends to "ride back" over your shoulders and you're constantly pulling it forward to get the shoulder seams in the correct place. I'm going for an everyday easy kind of sweater here and I don't want to be fidgeting with it all the time, so I added a little bit of neck shaping while I was doing my shoulder shaping. The reason I'm thinking about adding the button is based on the same things I was thinking about the back neck - it should make the sweater less fidgety. Part of me wants to see how it actually wears when I get it done before deciding about a button, but it would be hard to put in a buttonhole then. I could also pin it closed if I decide it needs a closure, or it might fit perfectly and not really need anything to close it. Anyone else have any ideas? Has anyone made this sweater before? I tried Googling "Order and Chaos Sweater" and got a bunch of physics sites, which is not at all what I was looking for.


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