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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Odds and Ends

Mindy's Stole, Part 5 will be on Thursday, today is for various other things. So yesterday I was planning on blogging the spinning of the third bobbin of Beach roving, but as it turned out, I spent yesterday morning at the vet's. Finn has had an upset stomach since his surgery and while it isn't affecting his activity level, his eating, drinking or any other puppy adventures he has, it did affect our sleep Sunday night - we had to walk him twice in the middle of the night. So as soon as the vet's office opened yesterday I called to see what we should do. Finn didn't have to go to the vet's, just me and a bag of poo. I just LOVE driving around with a bag of poo - I always figure that's when I'll have a big wreck and the CSI team will be sorting through the mangled car, picking up bits of the Pink Lemon scattered hither and yon and all the while they'll be wondering about all the poo everywhere:

"I found something here."

"What is it?"

"It looks like poo. There seems to be bits of a small plastic dinosaur in it."

"What kind?"

"I can't tell, the bits are too small, could be a T-Rex."

"Not the dinosaur, the poo."

"Oh, that's definitely some kind of retriever dog. No other animal would put this much junk in its mouth."

"There's no sign of a dog anywhere."

"Send out an APB on a lost, possibly injured retriever with diarrhea - it might be a witness."

Yes, in my imagination, I get a CSI team (the original CSI team, please - Catherine Willoughs in charge - hey its my imagination, I get to pick the team). Of course I do always drive with the poo in the trunk of the car, so hopefully it won't get everywhere in a catastrophic wreck. Anyway, the poo and I made it safely to the vet's and Finn doesn't have anything wrong with his poo, his body is probably just reacting to the stress of surgery this way. (I really don't think the dinosaur bits would have made him sick, this isn't his first plastic snack.) So now he's on a fancy, bland canned food and some doggy diarrhea medicine and he's doing much better. We all slept last night, all night, except for the part of the night that Ramius had something REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT AND NO, IT CAN'T WAIT, MEOW! Thanks Ramius!

As you can see, we put up the Christmas tree last night (yeah its fake, its prelit and we love it!), so over the next couple of days I'll be doing all the Christmas decorating and today I'll be demonstrating spinning to Caleb's Kindergarten class, so I'm not sure how much I'll get done on Mindy's stole today, which is why I'll update on that Thursday. I will give you this though as a teaser: its hard to chart a "random" scatter of cherry blossoms so that they look like they are blowing in the wind.


Blogger ~Sherie~ said...

LOLOL! I laughed so hard at your description of the CSI team finding poo in the remains of the car wreck that my co-workers came running into my office. They all had a good laugh too. Of course we're a bunch of nurses and we especially like stories that deal with poo and gross stuff!!

I hope Finn feels better soon. And can't wait to see the next installment on the new shawl.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I have driven to the vet's office more than once with a bag of poo (Stephen couldn't get rid of the worms) I totally understand your fear of a wreck! I always thought that if I had not listened to my mother and chosen to wear dirty underwear that day, it actually wouldn't have mattered because they wouldn've been trying to figure out why I had a bag of poo! HA! Mindy

10:19 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

Our prelit artificial Christmas tree put the joy back in holiday decorating for me! The convenience is sooooo worth it.

I'm glad Finn will be OK. You do have a very interesting imagination, though. LOL!

11:11 AM  
Blogger Vanessa said...

So happy to hear Finn is fine. I am so totally a CSI fan so your story was fantastic!

11:32 AM  
Blogger gwtreece said...


I hope Finn is feeling better.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Janice said...

When Walter (yellow lab) was a puppy, I heard my husband calling for me from the backyard. He was scooping and couldn't figure out why this pile had something bright pink in it, and that one something turquoise . . . Barbie shoes. We laughed and laughed. Thanks for reminding me of the giggle. Puppyhood -- good times.

Janice in Camas

12:50 PM  
Blogger The Spindling Scot said...

:-))))))))))LOL, CSI team! LOL

Give poor Finn a hug from us, Labs and Retrievers can be so silly when it comes to eating things...

You've reminded me it is that time of year isn't it...
Judy and Alys

4:36 PM  
Anonymous karen said...

Awww...I hope your pup feels better soon...maybe put the poo in the trunk!

8:54 PM  
Blogger Kat said...

I hope Finn feels better soon!

I love that fake trees can be put up right after Thanksgiving and still look great at Epiphany. However, I miss going to the tree farm choosing and cutting a tree. The first year my parents used a fake tree, I was heartbroken. Now my husband and I use one every year, and I feel bad for all the hell I put my parents through.

2:13 PM  

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