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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Let's not all run for the doors at once...

Yes, its the second bobbin of Opalessence singles. I know, you've seen the first bobbin being spun, the second one looks pretty much the same. No, I don't have anything interesting and new to add, but this is the only fibery goodness I have to show today so here it is. It does feel like it's zipping along pretty fast on the Symphony and I am learning all the little quirks of my new wheel. The Majacraft Rose, my first wheel, doesn't have too many things I can fiddle with on it. I can change the whorl and make it spin faster or slower, I can change the setup of the Scotch tension brake cord to change the direction of the spinning, and I can adjust the Scotch tension to give myself more or less takeup on the bobbin as the yarn demands. I have messed around with all of these things and have a pretty good feel for what will happen on that wheel when I adjust the different parts. The Kromski, on the other hand, has a lot more parts that can be moved and adjusted. If I'm not careful to make sure everything is where it should be, then I don't get yarn, or it doesn't wind onto the bobbin, or it can create drag on the flyer so I'm not getting 20 flyer turns for each drive wheel turn. I'm learning about all of these little things and each time I figure out something new its a big OHHH, so-that's-what's-going-on kind of moment for me. At the moment, everything is spinning smoothly, everything is adjusted, the Symphony (I've named her Giselle, by the way) is past the breaking in period where she needs lots of oil and I only have to oil her in a couple of places every few hours of spinning (not that I've had several uninterrupted hours of spinning). I think I'm figuring out her secrets, but I'm sure she has more to teach me. I will ply this yarn on the Majacraft (I have a giant plying bobbin for that wheel) so once I'm finished with this second bobbin, Giselle and I will move on to something else. I'm sure she'll teach me new things on the next batch of spinning we do.

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Blogger The Spindling Scot said...

I can't believe I haven't checked in for so long, fibre jealousy of the opalessence, maybe ;-)
Giselle? Better not fall in love with another wheel then, or she'll turn nasty, maybe bite you like the one in sleeping beauty! Mine has no name, swear words don't count!
My snow plow doggie sends regards to yours, and says Finn can have some of her snow...

I am stepping away from Hidcote for one knit to restore my sanity ;-)

10:18 AM  

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