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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Where we see things you've seen before, only they're different

I know I've shown you Frostrosen Singles before, but these are different. These are on the second bobbin! They seem to be spinning up very quickly and I think I can probably get them all spun by this weekend. Then its off to ply the Opalessence (I'll ply on the Majacraft Rose since I have a plying bobbin for that wheel). I've also pulled out some of the GCNI/Mohair that I dyed a couple of weeks ago. I'll be starting to spin that soon which will make for a nice change since I won't spin it laceweight.

I'm beginning to think I should have saved some orchid pictures just to give you something new to look at. Oh well. As for the blue violet orchid, I'm less concerned with what kind of orchid it is, than with the color. I had never seen an orchid that color of violet but I can't believe its only available on that one species - surely someone has come up with that color in other species.



Blogger Christine said...

You're spinning is so fine and even! Really nice job Melanie!

6:29 PM  

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