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Monday, March 26, 2007

I should have quite a bit of progress to show here...

...seeing as I haven't shown you anything since last Wednesday morning. Unfortunately, I came down with the flu too, so Caleb* and I sniffled and snuffled and moaned around the house all weekend, catching up on episodes of Justice League Unlimited (for those without little boys, Justice League is the much cooler name of what used to be the old Super Friends). I got a tiny bit of knitting done, but the amount of concentration it took to keep track of heel stitch made it very slow going. Finally Saturday night I felt hungry again (ya gotta love the weight loss possibilities of a good virus attack), and my knitting mojo slowly returned. Above you can see the second sock of the pink sock pair - it's 35 rounds shy of the toe decreases. If it had been any more complex than K2, P2 rib, it would not have been worked on at all.

In an effort to distract you from the pathetic state of my own simple socks, have you checked out Cookie A's new website with her wonderful sock patterns? Absolutely gorgeous designs! I bought several of the patterns so you'll probably be seeing them knit up here eventually. In other sock news, Alison is getting things set up for Sockapalooza 4 - see the sidebar of her blog for current Sockapalooza news. For those of you who didn't do Sockapaloooza last time, you sign up (signups are only for about a 24 hour period, so you have to pay attention and act fast) with your foot measurements, fiber and color preferences and your information goes to one person while you get another person's information and you have about 3 months to knit them a pair of socks. Its a lot of fun and you get a pair of socks and, if you're lucky maybe your own stitch pattern and some handspun, handdyed, self striping sock yarn - if you're lucky! Anyway, if you're interested, keep your eyes open for this - I'll be there!

*Caleb was put on Tamiflu when he first came down with it so by the time I started getting sick, he was starting to feel better. Most of the sniffling was being done by me as he was getting better and sassier. He's going back to school today!



Blogger Kat said...

Glad to hear that you are starting to mend! Being sick is truly annoying.

7:38 PM  
Blogger Vanessa said...

So happy to hear you and your son are feeling better. It is nice to have a day to lay on the couch and do nothing but not when you are sick! Arrggghhhhhhh! Now you can get back to your normal daily activities!
Nice sock!!!!!

5:47 AM  

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