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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Green Moss is Spreading! And its still not green.

Well, I'm 78 rows into my Green Moss Shawl now. It is definitely a half circle shape as you can see, and also desperately needs a good blocking. I think with the combination of the fuzzy yarn, large needles, and being garter stitch (my first ever garter stitch shawl), there just isn't going to be that much to see pre-blocking other than a larger and larger blob of apricot stuff I'm calling lace. You'll have to take my word for it! Also, as you can see, I am continuing in my avoidance of circular needles when at all possible - I'm going to do my best to fit this entire shawl on straights. Because I'm crazy like that.

My original plan was to make the larger version of this pattern (Heirloom Knitting's Green Moss Shawl - scroll down to the previous apricot blob entry for a link), but then I realized that with this color, it will be a Spring and Summer kind of wrap and if I make the big version, it could hang lower than a skirt and then I would look like Naked Shawl Woman*. (The larger version is 40 something inches wide, the smaller version is 32 inches wide.) So, since I hadn't gotten to the place where the directions are different, it was easy to change gears and switch over to the smaller version. So, at this point, according to the directions (very well written and thank you so much for switching the charts around for the two different sides of the edging so I don't have to A) re chart them myself or B) reverse them in my head, possibly hurting myself in the process and forever questioning whether / is K2tog or SSK, resulting in my giving up lace knitting for all eternity and needing lots of counseling and medication because my brain was fried by a /). Where was I? Oh yeah! OK, so according to the directions, I have 76 more rows to go before I knit the edging along the top edge of the shawl. Since I've done 78 rows, that means I'm more than halfway done! Except that the rows get longer as I go, so I'm really not halfway done, but I've done more than half the rows so that should count for something. Well, its my blog and I say it counts.

*If you Googled your way in here because of that phrase, you can Google your way out again. Or buy a pattern and then Google your way out. Or learn to knit. You probably need a hobby anyway. By hobby, I mean a socially acceptable one you can show your mother, she would be so proud!



Blogger Vanessa said...

I am so impressed and envious of all these lace projects you are turning out! Lovely!

9:55 AM  
Blogger Lorette said...

You are really a fast knitter! Didn't you just start that? Apricot Moss is looking good.

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Laila said...

Half of the rows done definitely counts as half way done, never mind the small detail of a growing number of stitches....

12:24 AM  

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