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Monday, June 09, 2008

Clearly they were delusional...

oblique sleeves done

...the Oblique sleeves, that is. The other evening, when I knit and knit and they didn't get any longer I put them in time out. They were in time out in the top of the knitting bag, which was sitting right next to the chair I spin in. On Friday, when I pulled out a spinning project - a pink, sparkley, flashy spinning project - they had a front row seat to all the action. I heard a gasp from the knitting bag as the sleeves realized that not only could I come up with something else to work on, but I distinctly heard one sleeve muttering to the other about "Seasonal Wearablility" and "Heat Wave." Clearly, they have seen the light and realized that they could easily be put in time out in a less optimal location, one that didn't get constant doggy attention and wasn't in an area that enabled TV viewing because when I pulled them back out Friday night, they were 1 - 1/2 inches longer than they were Thursday night, with no knitting on my part. I think they were doing the knitting equivalent of sucking in their stomachs to make themselves look smaller. Anyway, we've decided to let bygones be bygones, I've finished the sleeves and started the back. I'll leave the sleeves in the knitting bag while I work on the other pieces of this cardi just in case the back or fronts get uppity - the sleeves can fill them in on the reality that is knitting a Fall cardi in a June heatwave. I'm not going to take sass off my knitting.

Oh, and I'll show you the spinning tomorrow!



Blogger Sherie said...

LOL, way to show those sleeves who's boss!

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Robby said...

Knitting sass. Who among us hasn't experienced that? Eagerly awaiting the spinning update, sounds beautiful.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Ronni said...

LOL! I think my knitting is the only thing I take sass from. I think I'll follow your example and stop now. D'ya hear that spiral shawl?

2:53 PM  

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