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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Buttons for Oblique

oblique button

I still haven't blocked the Oblique pieces (I'll probably wait until I get the book sock finished and out of here, but my current plan is to do that next Monday), but I went through my button stash and I think I've found the buttons I want to use. I bought these back when I was designing Bristow three years ago (found them at G Street Fabrics) and didn't use them. I think they look nice with Oblique which surprised me a bit because they are pretty busy for a button. I think the reason I haven't used them on a simpler sweater is because with all the texture and decoration, they would take over on a simpler sweater. Oblique has several different stitch patterns and textures on its own. This more ornate button seems to hold it's own without taking over or getting lost.

The pattern calls for 3 buttons and at this point I haven't decided if I'll use all three. To be perfectly honest, I will probably do the one button trick* when I wear this sweater so I'm thinking that after I block it and sew it together, I'll try it on without the bands and see if it's going to work that way, and if it does, I'll mark where I want the button to be and just use one decorative button and the hidden button that holds the underlayer where it should be.

*The one button trick is where you only button the button at or just below the bust line of a cardi and let the rest stay open. This creates two V's - one at the neck (regardless of the actual neckline shaping) and an inverted one below the button. The V shapes are very slimming and flattering to all body types. Of course it goes without mentioning that this requires a cami or tee under the cardi.



Blogger Ann said...

Good choice of button. I always use the one button trick when I wear a cardi. It's stylish & does not feel to hot all wrapped up.

9:41 PM  

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