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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

October Fronts, again

october frost fronts 3

Yes, it's all excitement, all the time around here. I'm still knitting on the October Fronts. I have made it past the arm hole shaping at this point, but unblocked, the pieces look like skinny strips of cables. I think I've only got about 3 or 4 inches to go before I bind off (there is some neckline shaping in there), so there is a light at the end of the tunnel for the fronts. Then I'm off and running on the back and I'll have a cardi! Of course now I've got to go wind some more yarn - I'm almost out of the skeins I wound to begin the cardi.

Sorry about the picture today, I know it's hard to see the cables, but it's really dark here this morning (must check weather, looks like rain) and the flash wipes out the cables.

I did have a bit of an adventure yesterday involving fiber and Finn. As I've said before, Finn tends to want to inspect and wallow and roll in anything fibery. I was blocking a stole yesterday (new pattern coming soon, hint, hint) and Finn really wanted to help. He was trying to be good, but the wool and mohair was calling to him and he's sketchy on "Stay" on a good day (unless you're trying to get him into the shower, then that dog is glued to the floor) so he keep ooching and scooching. Have you ever seen a big dog try to move without looking like he's moving? Yeah, it was interesting.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your fronts are looking good. I'm enjoying your progress, it's the opposite of mine. I started with the back and then the fronts, one at a time. Now I have the first sleeve finished and will start second sleeve today. Love the pattern. Shirley

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aren't dogs funny?! I'm looking forward to your new shawl design -- hint, hint!

9:20 PM  

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