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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Basic Chic Body - Take 2


I've now finished the body of my Basic Chic Hoodie, the second time! This time around I didn't weave in a single end until I knew I had done it right. (Yes, last time every single yarn end was neatly woven in - had to unpick them as I frogged.) So right now I'm weaving in the ends. Then I will do the sleeves (I'm going to knit them flat because I think a seam will be neater than working in the round with all the yarn ends from the color changes), the hood and the front bands.

I've already got the measurements and I have to work 42 rounds/rows of red before beginning the stripe sequence on the sleeves. The only real change I've made to the pattern (other than the stripes, which are more of an aesthetic change than a design change) is to skip the pockets and instead of working the lower rib for 4 inches, I started it on the second row of the dark blue, which makes it 3 inches. (By starting it on the second row of dark blue, I avoided having dots of magenta showing on the purl stitches-it just makes it look neater.) I'll work the sleeves the same way of course. I'm pretty excited about this sweater, despite knitting most of the body twice!

It occurs to me (and I'm amused enough by the stripes that I might try it) that you could plug virtually any colorway into this sweater with these stripes (18 rows of A, 3 rows of B, 1 row of C, etc. and so on). I'm tempted to try an analogous colorway and see how it works - it would be a totally different look.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this sweater! You will look great in it, too. Mindy

9:54 AM  
Anonymous Deborah Fair said...

Oh! I love the way this is turning out. I thought the pattern was pretty cool when I saw that you were going to make this hoodie, but hadn't checked back for a while and now I see how you're making it so unique. I can't wait to see it finished.

7:41 PM  

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