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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas Knitting


Before we got the transfer, Mindy (my sister in law, owner of the original Hanami stole) mentioned that she would like a cardi for Christmas. She gave me a couple of colors to choose from (so she'd be surprised) and picked out a pattern. Of course, right after we started sorting this out, our family got the transfer to Dallas, so the whole thing was shelved until I got that reasonably under control. (Please note here that an acceptable amount of "under control" for a moving/house selling/house hunting type of situation is considered completely out of control in virtually any other situation except perhaps the first few weeks after giving birth - don't want you to think I'm superwoman here - let's keep it in context.)

Now that things are at the reasonably under control stage, I was able to begin Mindy's gift. I've tweaked the color on the picture (obviously) to keep Mindy in the dark as to what color her gift is, but I can tell you she chose the Lily Cardigan and I'm using Cascade 220 for the yarn. This is a top down, raglan cardi with a V neck that ties at the base of the V and is left to fly away below the single tie. I think it would work equally well with a single great button, and someone on Ravelry used I cord for the ties instead of the directions for the ties that are in the pattern. This is the type of style that would look great on any figure, no matter what you've got going on in the "issues" department. It could dress up over a button down shirt with a collar and nice slacks, but could easily top a T or cami and jeans for a more casual approach. I plan to knit myself one of these at some point as well - the design is cute enough to knit two of them.



Blogger Poethead said...

I really love Marie Grace's designs. I have almost all of her patterns for the little ones. Your sister will love the sweater!

8:20 PM  
Blogger needlefingers said...

I made a Lily from a rayon/flax blend and absolutely adored it. I have another one started (using a moss stitch to shake things up) out of Brooks Farm Harmony.

It's the potato chip of sweaters - you can't have just one. :)

And it's a great knit for when things are hectic. Enjoy the knitting!

6:35 PM  
Blogger vlb5757 said...

I have been reading your site for a while. I hope that your transfer to Texas is a good one. Some parts really don't get that cold. My family and DH's husband all live in Texas. My MIL lives in the Dallas area and did tell me that she loved one of my pairs of wool socks that I had taken there while on vacation last year. Guess what she's getting for Christmas this year? I hope you will love it there.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Ann said...

The pattern is really nice & a great choice of yarn.

5:50 PM  

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