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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Time to reconnect with the wheel.

Stash diving. Something simple so I can get back to basics. A small batch. There. Polworth roving - a 4 ounce ball. Natural sheep's grey. Divide it into thirds. I will do a three ply, shoot for fingering weight.

Put on a fresh bobbin. Adjust the brake band. Check the feel of the wheel. Butter. Pull out the leader. Attach the first bit of the roving. Start treadling. Oops, wrong way. Reverse the direction. Follow the twist up the leader. There. The twist has joined the leader to the fiber. Draft gently. Treadle slowly. Breathe. The first bit of singles is wrapped on the bobbin.

Check the singles. 40 wraps per inch. Perfect for a three ply fingering weight. Polworth will full after it's finished. Treadle slowly. Breathe. Hold the fiber like a baby bird. Relax my shoulders. Breathe.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right after "breathe" remember to enjoy the experience. Happy spinning!

10:15 AM  

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