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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


I didn't lose Cassidy, but it did get ignored for a few weeks while I finished up the Christmas Knitting. A while back I had finished up the back and cast on for the fronts, but that's about as far as I got. Last night it came out to play again and I got past the lower ribbing edge and started working the cables on the fronts.

I would love to get this finished soon because it's the perfect season to wear it and the color is so happy - perfect for a cold, gray January (or February) day.

Yesterday Caleb and I got to work and got the Christmas decorations all packed up. It always seems to take forever to get the tree down, but we worked all afternoon, packaging up the ornaments and taking down garland from the stairway and now all the decorations are packed up safely in their bins, waiting to be hauled out to the garage until next year. The house always looks a little sad and empty when the Christmas decorations come down. Of course there are also the little bits of fake tree (yeah, we use a fake tree - real ones don't come prelit and sometimes do come with squirrels - hey, I saw Christmas Vacation!) and the random glitter all over the floor now so I'll be doing some serious vacuuming.

Today Caleb is back to school and we get back into our usual routine around here!



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