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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More Babette Squares

The Babette continues! This is half of the squares for the next size down (from the last set of squares you saw - got it?) I've got to weave in the ends, but I'll probably finish the other half of this size before I fool with weaving the ends in. I'm working the ends in as I go where I join a new color, so that only leaves the beginning and ending ends for each square that have to be woven in.
Can I just say that working on The Babette has been so great! I mean, yeah, there's only the one stitch (double crochet US) that I have to deal with, which is so nice since it's the only crochet stitch I know. But also it's a great project to pick up and put down. The blocks are small enough that they don't bash Ramius in the head if he's sitting in my lap (the biggest ones were a bit of a problem, but not like being bashed by a sock), plus I get to change colors randomly and my tote bag full of colors is just so fun looking. I may have to do another Babette someday because I'm really enjoying this one.

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