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Monday, August 02, 2010


I've gotten slightly more than the width of the hem worked on Coraline now. You can see some of the shading variation in the yarn in this picture. I was wondering over the weekend why it was taking so long to get anywhere on Coraline while I felt like I was zipping right along on the Featherweight Cardi. Finally I realized it was a matter of stitches. On Coraline I'm starting from the bottom edge and working up so I was working on the total number of stitches for the body section. On the Featherweight Cardi I'm working from the neck down and I got to start out with only a few stitches, making this first part seem to go fast, even though I'm increasing up to the full body (and sleeve) stitch count. So basically, while I'm seeing more progress on the Featherweight Cardi, it's not really going any faster than Coraline is. (And when I get to the yoke part of Coraline, and I'm decreasing into the neck, it will really move along quickly.)



Anonymous Jessica said...

I like the way that handspun is knitting up! Subtle and lovely. You're inspiring me to knit up some of my own handspun!

2:21 PM  

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