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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Thanks for all the comments and support yesterday! I'll update the blog periodically with how things are going with my running, but I'll still mostly talk about knitting and yarn things!

Over the weekend I got some more done on Metro and I've started the shaping. There's not much more to see at this point, but hopefully you can tell I made some progress on it.

In other random news, this morning I was dropping Caleb off at school and as we were sitting there in the car line waiting to get him to the front door, I looked in the side mirror and saw an armadillo crossing behind us! I've never seen a live armadillo during the day and you can't see them well at night. He just took his time, toodling along, completely ignoring the kids and cars. He was very cute in an armadillo kind of way, but I made sure to mention to Caleb never to mess with one of them as they can carry leprosy (and are actually used to study the disease). Our previous dog, Bear used to go armadillo bowling at night - he would run at them and then right when he got to them, he'd head butt them. They would have rolled into an armadillo ball and would go bouncing away. We didn't encourage this from Bear, but he was usually off leash and had a strange sense of humor.

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Anonymous Mady said...

When we lived in TX we caught an armadillo who was destroying our flower beds in a Have-a-Heart trap. We had to drive him a mile away to release him. Goodness, even with all the windows rolled down, the car stank. The kids giggling didn't help the poor guy any. I can't believe your dog "bowled" with them. What a character he must have been!

9:30 PM  

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