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Friday, April 15, 2011


It's bound off and finished! I did run short on yarn, but thankfully I had found some yarn in my stash (Socks that Rock in Lover's Leap) that worked with the original yarn and I used that for the edging. I've still got to block it out obviously, but the knitting is done. I honestly don't think I've gotten a good picture of the color yet, but maybe if I take it outside once it's blocked I'll do better with the color. (I tried to correct the color in my photo editing software, but there's still a warm/coral tone to the reds that isn't there in real life.) Cameras have problems with the red to red violet range anyway, and I go through this every time I knit with red, but I love red and as a brunette, red is a great color for me.

This was a great pattern, easy to work and portable, just know that when it calls for 440 yards of yarn, 420 won't do it (my problem, not the designer's). I've got Ishbel also by Ysolda Teague in my Knit Something of the Month Club for later this year and I'll be double checking yardage before I cast on.

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Blogger Kim said...

The edging looks perfect with the body of the shawl. If you had not said anything I would think it had been planned. Really beautiful product. Perhaps if you take it outside and wrap it around Logan you would get a great photo...just a thought...

10:19 AM  

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