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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mickael's socks

I'm past the heel on Mickael's first sock. I'm going to work the foot in plain stockinette because I think he'll like it better that way. This is still my knit in public project so it's riding around in my purse and getting worked on in little bits of free time. It's going slowly, but I think I'll get both socks done in plenty of time for cooler weather.

We're also on the home stretch of the school year here - about 2 weeks left. This means in addition to all the end of year things that Caleb is doing at school and I'll help out with, there's also things I'm trying to get finished up before he's home for the summer. Blogging might be erratic for the next little bit, but I'll share projects when I have a chance and I'll be back to regular posting when things settle down.



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