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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Logan's Big Day

Yesterday was big! Huge, I tell you, so Mommy said I could blog again today. We got a new roof yesterday and you would not believe the noise they made! Then, after Daddy left for work, one of our somethings called a smoke detector (do you think they have bacon detectors?) decided it needed new batteries. Mommy can't reach it without hauling out the ladder and really the roofers were making so much noise that it wasn't really bothering us that much so she decided to wait until Daddy got home. With all the noise and stuff going on, I suggested that we go to my friend Barclay's house. Mommy says it's actually Grandmommy and Big Daddy's house, but I know that Barclay is in charge. So I gathered up Mommy, with her string stuff, and Caleb with his Wii games and took them over to Barclay's house. It was pretty quiet over there.

I had a lot of fun there. I tried to show Barclay how to play by bouncing around at him, but Mommy says he's an older doggy and doesn't really like crazy puppy games. Also she thinks he's smaller than me, but I think her proportions are off. I mean he's like 20 pounds! That's huge! Mommy says I weigh about 80 pounds, so he's way bigger than me! (Mommy just reminded me that I don't know how to count past 3 since that's how many scoops of food I get in my bowl, so maybe I'm bigger than Barclay after all.) Anyway, I followed Barclay around a little bit and I shared his water bowl (he's nice that way, he lets me drink from his water bowl and also I used his backyard). Then I decided to try to figure out the Mystery of Barclay's House. You see Barclay's food bowl is on the floor by his water bowl. The mystery is, whose food bowls (they have two) are sitting on the window seat in the kitchen? And the even bigger mystery is why hasn't the food been eaten? Why has whoever just left it there? That's no way to treat food. (I'm not allowed to eat it, I've tried.) There is also a smell at Barclay's house of another animal besides Barclay and Grandmommy and Big Daddy, but I have yet to see this mysterious creature. I've done a little bit of looking for the creature before but I haven't had much time to look and I'm a little afraid it might be some blood thirsty, terrifying behemoth who might rip my throat out, you know, like a duck. I think the neglected food might belong to this animal. I started looking for the mystery creature and using my keen investigative skills I found that the scent was primarily located under the bed, but it disappeared into the darkness there.

After lunch, I was actually able to make contact though! Grandmommy was coming from the bedroom back to the kitchen where she and Mommy were doing the string things, so I went to check on her (Grandmommy) and see if she needed me to help her carry any bacon or anything, and there it was - the mystery creature! It came to me and we touched noses and it didn't try to kill me or anything, despite being at least four times my size (Mommy says we really have to do something about my sense of proportion). Mommy said it was Cinnamon, Grandmommy's Siamese kitty. The Cinnamon kitty thing was nice but he didn't let me give him a proper butt sniffing greeting. After we touched noses, he went back to the bedroom and I didn't see him again, but Mommy and Grandmommy told me what a good puppy I was to be so sweet to the Cinnamon kitty thing. I had finally found the mysterious creature who ignores it's food!

Completely tuckered out after all the drama of touching noses with the Cinnamon kitty thing, I soon fell asleep beside Mommy's chair. When I woke up, I sat up slowly and blinked and looked around - you know how it is when you wake up, it takes a minute before you're ready to get up and shake it all out and go. Well, before I could get awake enough to even stand up, I realized I was being watched! This wasn't the Cinnamon kitty thing either! It had green eyes and spots and when it saw my eyes were open, it growled and hissed at me! I did what any 80 pound Golden Retriever would do, I backed away slowly until I was hidden behind my Mommy. The bloodthirsty beast (not a duck, either) kept hissing and growling at me, so since I had Mommy protecting me, I barked at it several times. I mean, really its language was terrible. Mommy said it was the Shibori kitty thing. Shibori must mean Spotted Doom that Curses Like A Sailor because this thing was just cursing a blue streak. I don't speak kitty, but let me tell you, this thing was using seriously inappropriate language in front of my Mommy, so I just stayed hidden behind her and barked at it. The Shibori kitty thing finally left me alone and went away and I was just relieved to have survived the encounter! I mean the Shibori kitty thing was sneaking up on me while I slept! Can you imagine what would have happened if I hadn't woken up? I know, it just sends chills up your spine!

I'm glad to have solved the mystery of the food and the unidentified scent, but I hope I don't have nightmares about green eyes and spots! It was a very eventful day and even though we went home before the roofers finished, I just fell asleep like a rock.

Oh, Mommy says I have to give string stuff details, so Little Leaves, August Knit Something of the Month, finished last Friday, blah blah. I don't think it would protect against the Shibori kitty thing so I can't see what use it is. I'm checking into doggy kevlar later today.

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Blogger Gina said...

Oh, Logan, thank you for giving me such a good story to read with my morning coffee. You are such a good blogger! Do you think that some day you will write a whole book?

9:45 AM  
Blogger gail said...

Aw, Logan's posts always make me grin like a fool. Always so entertaining. :-)

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Janet A said...

Logan was quite chatty today. I loved hearing about his day and the shawl is beautiful.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Connie Peterson said...

Oh, Logan! How brave you are! I am so glad the monster didn't eat you while you were asleep! Keep on being so brave!

7:20 PM  

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