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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Houston, We Have A Name!

After over a week of thinking and trying to get to know the Kitten, trying and discarding ideas, trying and liking ideas, but not getting everyone else on board, we've finally found a name!  (Can I just say right here that getting three people to decide on a name is difficult - two isn't hard, but getting the third person to agree doesn't happen easily, and we all took turns being the lone disagreer.)
I'd like to introduce you to Maximus!  Or actually, Maximus' back end, which is really pretty cute and you can see his sweet little tail stripes (probably not supposed to be there according to the breed standard, but they totally crack me up).  It's hard to get a picture of a kitten - they're either right in your face (no, my camera cannot focus on your sweet whiskers 1/4 inch away from the lens) or they're dashing around and you get a lot of pictures of empty carpet/bed/lap.  When I was editing photos for this morning it reminded me of a lot of the pictures Caleb used to take when we'd hand him the digital camera to play with.  (He took lots of pictures of dirt, stuff on the ground, sticks, the sky, blurry stuff, you know, stuff that looks great to 2 and 3 year olds.)
Here's a better picture of him on his climb-y thing.  He's done better the last few mornings and when he's gotten up before the alarm, he's gone and done whatever needed doing and then come back to bed.  He sleeps snuggled up against me, under the covers, which makes it pretty easy to keep up with him.  As long as he's coming back to bed without starting a ruckus, Logan just keeps on sleeping.  The humans like to keep on sleeping too.



Blogger Connie Peterson said...

What a clever name! Congratulations on finally figuring one out!

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's certainly handsome! I suspect as his adult color comes in the tail stripes will be indistinct.

Love his new name!

9:24 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

He's a Maximus-ly adorable kitten, and I'm sure will be a Maximus-ly handsome cat, so it's clearly the perfect name! Truly, he is a beauty. Even if he does occasionally think 3:00 a.m. is a good time for playing with a certain other family member. (Here's hoping he's outgrown that permanently!)

12:29 AM  

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