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Monday, June 04, 2012

Color Affection

This is the first full week of Summer Vacation and I've got my sidekick back!  I am also to the point in Color Affection that I'm starting the edging.  This means I'm 82% finished.  The edging is supposed to be in the darkest color according to the pattern, but I've decided to use the medium color (Cove - have I mentioned how much I love this color?) for the edging.  If it looks like it needs something else, I can always add another stripe of the darkest color.  (BTW, the top of the shawl is at the bottom of the picture - it's on a small needle and I can't spread it out properly until I bind off.)

I'm off to the grocery store and all the other Monday things that happen around here, but today I don't have to go alone and Caleb pushes the buggy for me!



Blogger Amberpearl said...

It looks like you have an awful lot of stitches left past your last W&T. On my 1st CA I was knitting 3 stitches past last and then realised it should have been 4 ie 3 stitches after the last W&T stitch. As I was about half way through I compensated by doing the remaining tricolour portion bring in 5 extra.

8:44 AM  

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