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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

No time for a picture this morning, I'm off to a dentist appointment in just a few minutes, but I did want to update my progress on the Emelie Cardigan, Camp Loopy Project 2!  I've passed the point where I divide the fronts from the back and I've finished the fronts.  The shoulder stitches are on holders until I finish the back (which I've started) and then I'll do a three needle bind off to sew the seams.  Then it's just sleeves and button and neck bands and I'm done.  The sleeves are top down, picked up from the body so there's no seaming later.  I'm feeling pretty good about getting this finished on time, and also feeling good about my Ravellenic project (which I'll reveal later this month, when we're closer to the cast on date).

I'll try and get a picture of Emelie later today, or I'll just get one for tomorrow's post!  Have a great Thursday!



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