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Monday, November 12, 2012


I've been itching to get back to my spinning for a while now, but I've been staying away because I've had so many other things going on around here.  When I've got too many projects going at once it stresses me out (kind of counterproductive since the purpose of the fibery things is to relax).  Also, there is Max to consider.  The first time I spun around him he went a little crazy (in the way that Jaws is a little fish).  It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't possible to spin.  Now that he's a year old (almost a year and a half now - so mature), it was time to try again.  I also waited until the end of the day so he would be tired (Max plays during the day and sleeps all night).  The spinning wheel and I fell right back into our rhythm and the wool twisted into singles as I treadled along.  Max was interested but chose to spend most of the time watching from beneath my spinning stool.  A couple of times he jumped into my lap (sitting on a treadling lap can't be the best place to sit), I tucked the fiber under my elbow, and he mostly did pretty well, although the singles running from my hands to the orifice was a little too tempting a couple of times.  Then I got to untangle the single from teeth and claws and dump the kitty on the floor.  He never broke the singles and I was able to get a decent amount of spinning done.

This is roving from Three Bags Full in the Forget Me Not colorway.  It's mostly wool, but there's silk and some other things in there that give it some texture.  I have a total of 12 ounces and I'm spinning 2 ounces onto each bobbin.  I will finish it as a 3 ply, and I'm shooting for a fingering or sport weight in the finished yarn.  I can't remember when I started this, but I've finished the first bobbin and I'm about half way through the second now.  Oh, and they do match, they just look like they're two different blues because of the way the flash is hitting them.  Now that Max has more self control and I can actually spin around him without fear for my spinning wheel's life, I hope to get more spinning done!



Blogger Connie Peterson said...

I'm so glad that Max is cooperating ... there is nothing more frustrating that having an animal (or child) who interferes with what you love, no matter how much you love that animal (or child). Lovely yarn!

2:08 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

My old kitty (I mean old, he died at almost 18) loved to sit on my treadling leg as I was spinning. He seemed to like the up and down motion, even more after he went blind. Odd fellow, but sweet.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Carie said...

What gorgeous blues; it's going to be lovely yarn. My spinning wheel is also sadly neglected at the moment - not from kitty interference, but Kitty (2 year old darling daughter) who thinks it's just fascinating!

9:15 AM  

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