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Monday, July 08, 2013

Camp Loopy!

I've gotten a lot more work done on my Camp Loopy Project 2!  I've finished the top, garter stitch section, started the lace stripes, and I'm into the second skein.  After I work another repeat of the lace, I'll weigh my skein again and see how many more repeats I'll use.  I weigh my skeins after I wind them and then I weighed the second skein after working a single repeat, so now I know how much yarn is used in each repeat.  I've (hopefully) overestimated the amount needed for the final edging, so anything more than that can go for lace repeats.  I'm not the most mathematically inclined person in the world, but I've worked all this out, fully caffeinated and on paper, with a calculator, so I feel pretty confident that I did it right.

We'll find out soon!

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Blogger Joan said...

I've had that project in my favorites for ages. Yours is beautiful...

11:59 AM  

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