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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A/C, Stripes And Pockets

We had a bit of an adventure the past couple of days.  Sunday afternoon Mickael noticed that the downstairs felt hot.  I checked and sure enough, there was hot air coming out of the vents.  Not what you want to deal with in August in Texas.  Fortunately, our house has two A/C units - a main downstairs unit and a smaller upstairs unit (out downstairs is bigger than the upstairs).  The upstairs unit was able to keep the downstairs livable as long as you didn't do too much.  When bedtime rolled around, we tucked Caleb in upstairs and Mickael and I went to bed - on top of the covers.

Now this wouldn't have been a problem except that Max sleeps under the covers and as a cat, Max expects the world to conform to him, not vice versa.  Max wanted under the covers.  Max didn't understand why his humans weren't under the covers and why he couldn't get under the covers.  Max circled, Max sat on us, Max jumped on us, attacked us, and tried to burrow under us.  Max did everything he could think of to get us under the covers where we belonged.  Max was not happy.  Mickael and I didn't get very much sleep Sunday night (neither did Max).  Logan just passed out on the tile floor and that was all we heard from him.  Yesterday afternoon the A/C repairman came, replaced a capacitor and by bedtime the house felt like it should.  We slept under the covers.  Max slept under the covers.  Logan curled up in his bed.  All was right with the world.
As far as my sweater, I've finished the last stripe repeat on the body of the sweater and started the pockets!  I've tried it on and it's looking the way I wanted it to.  Oh, and just to clarify, that isn't a belly button in the middle front, it's where I switched balls of red yarn and haven't woven in the ends yet.  I'll be catching up on weaving in the ends soon.

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