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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Needles and Something Cute

My new needles arrived late yesterday evening.  These are a large, 5 inch set of lace tips in Chestnut from Dyakcraft again.  This order took less than 8 months!  When I decided that Rosewoods would be my first set, I knew I'd need a lighter color as well, because the idea of knitting dark yarn on the dark Rosewoods just doesn't seem like a good one.  There are several light or striped wood tones available in the Darn Pretties, but I decided to go with Chestnut, the most solid of the light woods.  As you can see though, it's not a washed out, flat, pale wood color, it has some depth to it.  It reminds me of honey, but with red tones instead of golden yellow tones.  Maybe that makes sense, or not, but by now you're all used to me, so you probably get it.
I know exactly what I'm going to cast on with them, and I hope to cast it on today!  You'll have to wait and see what it is!

In random news, Caleb and I were at Target yesterday and we found these:
There were a couple of other animals (a squirrel, a deer and something else), but when I saw the sheep, I had to check it out.  When I picked it up, I felt something on the backside.  I turned it around and found:
Sheep tushie!  (And a fox tail.)  Caleb chose the fox for himself.  They have candles in them, but I figure once we've burned down the candle, we'll have cute little bowls or cups for stuff.  And did I mention the sheep tushie?  Yes, I'm easily amused.



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