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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I’ve done the heel flap and heel turn on the world’s slowest pair of socks!  (It’s my fault they’re so slow, not the pattern’s.)  I’ll be finishing these up in the next few weeks because Mickael’s birthday is coming up.  All Summer and Fall I’ve been looking at my sock yarn stash, dreaming of starting another pair of socks (that isn’t black), but waiting until I finish knitting these.  Of course, you all know the rule about finishing something - you actually have to knit on it to finish it.

This is the second sock, and all I’ve got left is the foot.  The biggest problem is that I should really only knit on them during the day.  On the first sock I made tons of mistakes, that I then had to tink and correct.  On the second sock, I tried knitting on it during the day and found I didn’t have anywhere near the errors.  Part of this might be me understanding the pattern better, but the yarn is very splitty and at night, I couldn’t see when I’d split the yarn.  I’ll only pull these out during the day, but my days are busier than they have been now since we started homeschooling Caleb.  Hence, the world’s slowest pair of socks.



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