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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Round and Round I Go

I’m working on the border for The Babette.  I’m starting with this darker plum color for two rounds and then I’ll use a medium pink.  I’ve already done the first round of the plum (and that took a while to get it done right), but now things are moving along nicely.

I had noticed that the pattern called for using a smaller hook on the borders, and while I used a smaller hook when I crocheted the squares (smaller than the pattern called for), I did go down a size for the border and I can tell that it’s helping the edge to behave better.  The edge was flaring out some which isn’t surprising since squares made of yarn tend to be more flexible and wiggly than squares made of wood or bricks.  Now the edges are looking much nicer.

Once I made it around the first time, things went much faster and it’s now a good TV watching project.  Max has also remembered how we worked on Caleb’s Ripple Blanket and he’s sitting under The Babette while I work on it.  It will definitely be nice to have this all finished!

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